Welcome: ‘Bout That New Life

Life isn’t easy- and we all have problems. I’m not exempt from that. From drug dependency, to homelessness, mental health issues and more, I have faced more adversity than many through my life. Yet I have started the journey of overcoming and moving forward. It has been a slow and often painful journey, but the progress I’m making has been exponential and worth every second of agony.

‘Bout That New Life is a tribute to my journey. It includes tools and strategies for building a happier, more successful life, as well as coping mechanisms I’ve picked up along the way.

It also has information to valuable resources, some of my own beliefs on topics that I have personal experience with, bits of my story, as well as poetry. I hope that you find something in this blog that suits you, things that work for you in your journey to build a New Life, Hope, and solidarity through this blog.

Peace and Blessings be with you,